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waveform landscapes


Like new horizons built on the crests and falls of invisible frequencies, this evening's performances explore a beautiful country where sound and vision are a unified sense.

Friday November 5th
Arts Court Theater
2 Daly Ave
Advance / Members / Students $10
Door $15


On the Other Side

Commissioned by the 2008 International Leonard Cohen Festival, Clinker (Gary James Joynes) presents On the Other Side, an audiovisual performance that draws from the vast depths of emotion written into the words and music of Leonard Cohen. Clinker deconstructs and reassembles Cohen’s voice into surreal “bass-scapes” using analogue and digital electronics.


Firing Squad

In Tasman Richardson’s (VTape / V-Atak) newest performance, Firing Squad, an artificial wall of television sets bombards the audience like a paparazzi firing squad.  Their screens generate a broad spectrum of sound and texture, which are manipulated into audio/video concrete via real time midi sequencing and improvisation.



Bruno Ribeiro, aka Nohista, is a French audiovisual artist based in Paris. Nohista’s NOBODY follows an unstable mechanical body through a maze of visual abstraction, resulting in an intricate live performance that transcends the boundaries between dance, music, and visual art. NOBODY: watch, listen, feel.



Ray Gould’s untitled installation is part one of an exploration of sounds and surfaces. In this part, common sounds that rely on surfaces for their sonic character are moved around a space using an eight channel speaker array.  The piece is designed in software triggering samples of footsteps and everyday household objects. Ray Gould’s work will be presented in the Studio area of the Arts Court Theater as a part of the Waveform Landscapes program.