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Mini Maker Faire


November 6th and 7th
Arts Court,
Courtroom and Library
2 Daly Ave
12PM - 6PM

The innovation laced through the capital region is impressive, and this first edition of the Ottawa-Gatineau Mini Maker Faire is a chance to connect creative people from all over our region in a celebration of the DIY spirit. A Mini Maker Faire brings together families and individuals who celebrate Arts, Crafts, Engineering, Food, Music, Sustainability, and Science and those who embrace the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) spirit. At Maker Faire, the focus is on the process of making - not just the finished product. Check electricfields.ca for a full description of exhibitors, schedules of drop-in workshops and more

Featured involvement will include:
Darcy White
Mod Lab
Greg Bennett
Jimmie Rodgers
Spins & Needles
LEGO League Robotics
Doug Yuill
Human Powered Vehicle Operators of Ottawa
Electric Vehicle Council of Ottawa
Ubuntu Canada
The Ghettoblast Soundsystem
Open Data Ottawa


Workshop Presenters


Jimmie Rodgers


Jimmie is a full time hacker, maker and circuit-bender based in Massachusetts. He designs open source hardware kits and teaches a variety of workshops. His work has been featured on Make several times and his kits are for sale on Sparkfun Electronics and at the MakerSHED. Some of his projects include the Atari Punk Console sound generator, the Open Heart kit, a programmable LED array in the shape of a heart and the LoL Shield, a charlieplexed LED matrix for the Arduino. 


Spins & Needles


Mixing do-it-yourself projects with funky beats spun by DJs in galleries, bars and other public spaces in Canada and beyond, Spins & Needles has become known for its alternative take on the nightlife experience. The event travels internationally to cities such as Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Halifax, New York, San Francisco, Austin, Chicago and London (UK) and has collaborated with significant players in art and cultural scenes at previous Maker Faires, Renegad Craft Fair and Etsy Labs. They played a large role in inspiring Canada's national art institution, the National Gallery of Canada, to create their after hours event Artsparks.


Exhibiting Makers and Organizations


Mod Lab

Nigel Vezeau’s projects include Arduino-based 3D mapping devices for measuring noise level and bike trail terrain in Ottawa along with the Little Blue Egg Flowerpot Grill featured on Makezine- a home-brewed mini grill made from two flower pots, old bearings and assorted parts.

Darcy Whyte is a software designer who fabricated a unique rubber band powered airplane named the Squirrel. From it’s beginnings in Darcy’s software methodology it’s distinct aerodynamic features allows the plane to fly hundreds of feet and be built easily by people new to model aviation.

Paul Mumby is an IT manager and web developer who constructed a custom-built RepRap 3D printer in three months from a RepRap Mendel model, a collection of parts and bartered electronics. The electronics used in the project are a blend of his design and one from an online community built around the Arduino microcontroller.

Andrew Plumb is an electrical engineer and designer of 3D objects made on the CupCake CNC, an open source 3D printer from Makerbot Industries. His contributions to the Thingiverse and Shapeways communities allow for the integration of Dremel tools with the Makerbot.




Kwartzlab is a Waterloo region makerspace with over 30 hackers and makers occupying a space of approximately 2000 square feet. With a focus at the intersection between arts and technology they have combined their efforts and represented at Waterloo's "DIYs & Djs", MakerFaire Detroit and hosted SoOnCon 2010. They'll be bringing their SoOnCon microcontroller badge, electronic art clock, Hillbilly Amplifier and a handheld Arduino-based Lunar Lander clone.




A research and collaboration group began at Noisebridge, a hackerspace in San Fransisco, CA, Sensebridge focus is on human-machine interfaces and bodily augmentation with wearable electronics. They will be bringing North Paw, a vibrating compass anklet that directs you North and the Pulse Choker which is a necklace the flashes light in time to your heartbeat, exposing your intimate biometric signals as well as a wide variety of other wearable devices.




Foulab is an organization based in Montreal of creative people interested in art, science and making things in general. Their projects include the Tweletype, a TI-745 teletypewriter converted to communicate via Twitter and the Nondescript Laser Installation which is a 2-axis laser light show controlled by a video game controller. Other projects include LimeLite ? a joule thief circuit that can run an LED off of a battery made out of a lime and a variety of small hand made puzzles and games.


Ubuntu Canada


Ubuntu Canada is a group of dedicated Ubuntu users across Canada who have come together to provide a small, friendly support community for the opensource operating system. They became an officially-recognized Ubuntu Local Community (LoCo) Team in 2007 and will be offering information and support of the open source operating system initiative.




HackLab.TO is a Toronto community space with a diverse membership of artists, computer programmers, web designers, and hardware hackers. It is inspired by the philosophies of the global hackerspace movement, encouraging people to socialize, share knowledge, and work together on their projects. Physicist Sebastien Bailard and Robot Enthusiast Rob Gilson will be bringing their custom-built RepRap, a self-replicating 3D printer along a variety of wearable electronics, chorded keyboards and Arduino based projects.




The Advanced Robotic Innovations Society in Engineering is a student run club designed to foster a competitive interest in robotics at the University of Ottawa. Founded in 2003, they are a team of highly dedicated engineering and administrative students committed to research, education, and innovation. They will be bringing a few of their robotic projects for display and information.




Erin Kennedy is a creator of social robots and her projects focus on inter-robot communication and human robot interaction. She will be bringing a humanoid hockey player robot with a disability known as MANOI and a roving "Yoda" rampage robot which has an ultrasonic sensor mounted on it to sense approaching objects that will be pitted against each other in a robotic hockey game. MANOI has appeared on Canada's "Daily Planet" show as well as Make: Online.


Glowing Tech


Andrew Argyle is a hardware and software designer who uses recycled and retro materials with modern microcontrollers, electroluminescent wire, high-powered LED's and antique displays to create Nixie clocks. His creations translate technological high points from the past century into robust precision timepieces of unusual appearance.




The Ottawa Robotics Enthusiasts is a group of hobby robot makers who collaborate on fire-fighting, line-following, mini-sumo and autonomous robots armed with paintball markers and targeting systems. They will be bringing a few of their projects one of which is the Robomagellan, an autonomous robot built to navigate and avoid obstacles to over any terrain.




The Electric Vehicle Council of Ottawa is a group dedicated to promoting the use of electric vehicles as a viable transportation alternative that is ecological, economical and practical. Doug Yuill will be bringing his e-Go-One, a human electric velomobile which has a 500 Watt high torque Heinzmann Electric hub-motor on its rear wheel capable of maintaining a continuous speed of 32-km/hr while climbing steep grades.


The Ghettoblast Soundsystem

The Ghettoblast Soundsystem is an off grid, clean DC powered sound system project initiated in 2002 made up of Michael Caffrey and Kerry Campbell. The modularity of the Ghettoblast sound system allows for smaller arrangements of amps and speakers to be put together for a mobile street party system on a cart or remote concert system on bike trailers.


Open Data Ottawa


Open Data Ottawa is a local initiative that's bringing together developers and designers to hack at city data made available to the public. Organizers Daniel Beauchamp and Edward Ocampo-Gooding will be showing off some of the awesome citizen-made applications built on city data, including one that turns bus stop schedules into music!