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Corina MacDonald, Greg J. Smith, and Neil Wiernik are the dedicated team behind the exceptional online journal Vague Terrain. After 5 years of publishing we asked the editorial team to look back at the archives and select some of their favorite works for us to highlight at the festival. These works are presented as a special on-line spotlight on the work of Vague Terrain on the Electric Fields website.

Vague Terrain is a web-based digital arts publication that showcases the creative practice of innovative artists, musicians and scholars. Launched in 2005, the project applies the focus and methodologies of academic and art journals and the tenacity of independent record labels to examine contemporary digital culture in an immediate and accessible manner.

To date, the journal has released 17 issues and worked with a range of guest curators including (most recently) Joshua Noble, Kim Cascone, Paul Prudence and Rob Cruickshank. Each edition of Vague Terrain closely examines a timely, niche topic and presents a range of related multimedia and scholarly work. Recent issues have considered collaboration in the digital age, interactive architecture, the 10th anniversary of microsound, morphogenetic design and networked urbanism.

  Defasten Gary James Joynes
  Jeremy Rotsztain Marius Watz
  Andrea Polli Mitchell Whitelaw