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Wednesday November 3rd
Arts Court Theater
2 Daly Ave

Electric Fields will mark the start of a new speaker series presented by Artengine in partnership with Algonquin College. Creative Language will bring international, national and regional artists and designer who straddle the worlds of commercial design and the media and visual arts. For this first edition we present keynote addresses from Adrian Göllner (Ottawa) and Tim Olden (Amsterdam, NL).

Adrian Göllner has been described as a site-specific satirist. Employing a variety of mediums and techniques in a chameleon-like adaptation to the environments in which he exhibits, Göllner freely combines Cold War imagery, graphing techniques and references to Modernism in artworks that critique consumer culture. Göllner has had the fortune to receive 15 public art commissions. Notable amongst these is an integrated sculpture for the new Canadian Embassy in Berlin and artistic street lighting for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics.

Tim Olden is one of the founders of Blendid, an interaction design collective that designs and fabricates experimental interfaces in the field between art & design. As an interaction designer he loves to create playful experiences in the area where the digital world and physical space meet and get connected. Blendid's interactive public art project Touch Me has been exhibited around the world including most recently at the National Art Museum of China. Their new light sculpture, Swarm, was launched in 2008 the Centre Artificial Light in Art (Eindhoven), and their project Outsourced Interactive Art was included in the Dropstuff.nl exhibition at the 53rd International Art Exhibition La Biennale di Venezia.