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elektra at electric fields


Saturday November 6th
Arts Court Theater
2 Daly Ave
Advance / Members / Students $10
Door $15

For the final evening of audio-visual presentations we bring you a special spotlight on Montréal’s Elektra festival - one of North America’s most sophisticated forums for audio-visual performance. While Elektra has raised the bar of quality programming in the city of Montréal, it has also expanded the presence of Canadian digital art on the international stage.



Active since 2001, TIND is a video art group renowned on the Montreal scene for having developed their own techniques for live audiovisual creation. By hijacking common analog audio equipment such as the distortion pedal, TIND creates singular imagery that visually echoes the original sound material. In their most recent creation trame00, controlled improvisations meet prepared interventions and mastered errors in a laboratory for real time experimentation.



Inspired by Marcel Duchamp and Man Ray’s collaborative work Élevage de poussière, Herman Kolgen’s Dust explores changes in the state of matter. Microscopic pigments are suspended around a magnetic field. At the turning point between the invisible and the visible, the video surface becomes a veritable accumulation of x-rays.


A B C D Light

PurForm is an award-wining artist duo consisting of Yan Breuleux, visual artist, and Alain Thibault, composer. The video series A B C D Lights uses light as a formal subject in connection with percussive sounds. The image and music become one and the same object.