Friday April 6th, 2007
Club SAW

Tasman Richardson
Jacob Hanna and Chris Ikonomopoulos
DJ BEARwitness and VJ Daisy

Artengine presents SMASH - a speed driven evening of audio-visual performance mash-ups.

Each of these unique audio-visual performances will bring a fresh heart pounding aesthetic to their cinematic acts of cultural subversion. Beyond cross-fading between a few fancy remixes, this evening promises to pound pop into a new immersive presentation of intelligent dance music and broken video beats.

After years of casual collaborations, Jacob Hanna and Chris Ikonomopoulos have focused their energy on the creation of a dark and atmospheric performance. This brooding work draws on drum n' base and glitch influences, mixed with the meaningless aural landscape of scientific language, to create a sparse and intense composition.

From remixes of hip-hop and rock n' roll classics to smash-ups of Rockstar Games and BMovie horror flicks, Tasman Richardson performance will take the audience on an unrelenting subliminal critique of inconceivable connections in popular media. This is cultural conspiracy theory at 160 beats per minute.

To round off this audio-visual speed walk DJ BEARwitness and VJ Daisy will serve up a dance-able digest-able reflection on the mash-up. Like an expensive digestif this pair will cleanse your palette and send you back into the world refreshed and invigorated.

Artist Biographies

Kerry Campbell (aka VJ Daisy) spins videos into dreamy confections for the eyes. She mixes stock images with live footage of the surroundings during the show to produce a 2-dimensional, multilayered representation of the space in which the music occurs. Through her work, VJ Daisy illustrates both the environment which inspired the music and the environment in which it is being experienced.

Chris Ikonomopoulos lives in Ottawa and has been working with audio for over ten years. In addition to recording with numerous full bands to recording numerous full bands, composing soundtracks and audioscapes for films and videos, producing podcasts and winning a handfull of awards and contests for his work, Chris' also hosts the weekly radio show Turn Up The Radio! on CKCU 93.1FM.

Jacob Hanna is an Ottawa-based video artist who has been heavily involved in the technological configurations of SAW Video for almost 10 years. His work spans the gamut of spectacle from designing for The Power Ring of the Ottawa Senators' Scotiabank Center to art house experimentation.

BEARwitness is an Ottawa based media artist and Galerie SAW Gallery's resident DJ. His work has been presented at across the country and garnered special mention at the 2006 ImagineNATIVE film and video festival. He is currently an artist in residence at Artengine.

Tasman Richardson is a Toronto-based video artist, electronic composer, designer, curator, and organizer. His work focuses on the spectacle of the tele-visionary existence, video editing as language, the re-unification of sound and image, subliminal composition and capturing illusive digital refuse. He has performed and collaborated under the aliases M.O.I., JAWA, FAMEFAME, theblameshifter, Pox, IBM, OHVOV, Anvil, Polygon Noose, and Noise-Op.