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Since 1999, Artengine has distributed the Artlist. It's a simple easy way to get information about independent culture happening in our region. One email everyday covers art openings, dance, music and theater performances, video and film screenings, workshops and calls for new work.

The Artlist is always growing too. In 2009, we added an online community calendar. The community calender shows you what's happening Today, Tomorrow and what's around the corner. In June, 2011, we launched Artlist ONE, a single daily HTML email service which gives more streamlined and coherent access to information on our region's cultural community. You can also check for calls for submission and job possibilities and toggle the view to see all gallery shows currently running.

The Artlist also has all the paths you need towards social media. All the events are ready for posting on Facebook and Twitter or prepared for easy addition to your personal calendar applications. The community calendar also makes a great RSS feed, helping you stay tuned to the best in local culture every day.

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If you want to post an announcement about an event, call for work or workshop our posting guidelines are outlined below:

  • We can only post one announcement per event/exhibit
  • We can only post workshop announcements held by non-profits
  • We can only post announcements for events that are free, or of benefit to a non-profit
  • We can only post cyclical announcements 4 times per year

To post an announcement to all Artlist subscribers simply email your message to

Please note that messages intended for distribution on the list should be sent in plain text format. Images and email attachments cannot be processed.


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