Waveform Landscapes

Saturday, March 17, 7:00 PM
Mercury Lounge
curated by Nathan Medema and Ryan Stec

TIM HECKER (Montréal)
ERIC CHENAUX, w/ Nick Fraser + Aimee Dawn Robinson (Toronto)

Artengine, in collaboration with Pleasure Through Sound, presents an evening with musicians Tim Hecker and Eric Chenaux and video artist Gennaro de Pasquale. The event will bring together some of Montréal and Toronto's most innovative artists and will also serve as the Ottawa launch of Agence Topo's Post-Audio_DVD.

Tim Hecker has been creating dense layers of noise and static for six releases now, and has refined his slabs of sound through to his latest release, Harmony in Ultraviolet. Released on Chicago's Kranky Records, "Harmony" evidences an increasing melodic sophistication, one that imbues his shifting plates of sound with a symphonic, epic quality. His performances are not to be missed. Far from mere laptop representations of recorded material his live works are real-time reconfigurations, where sound is sculpted into powerful, immersive and physical shapes.

Eric Chenaux has been quietly deconstructing the traditions of folk, pop and jazz balladeering through a lens of fractured, improvised guitar playing for some years now. Performing under his own name and in various outfits (Drumheller, The Reveries), he has recently released Dull Lights, a CD of new music on Montréal's Constellation Records. Often setting off from a recognizable base, his musical contributions wander slowly and carefully to unexpected places, whilst quietly emphasizing the journey. For this performance Eric (guitar) will be joined by Nick Fraser (drums) and Aimée Dawn Robinson (whammied echo harps).

Artengine and Montréal-based Agence Topo are also pleased to present the Ottawa launch of its Post-Audio_DVD. This project is an extension of the Post-Audio Esthetic and presents work from Pascal Grandmaison, Jérôme Minière, Daniel Olson, Gennaro de Pasquale, Jean-Sébastien Roux, Gabriel Coutu-Dumont and Marc Leclair. Separating itself from VJ mixes and music videos these works present a more cohesive expression of the idea of visual music. Gennaro de Pasquale will present works from his Active Camera series which creates a voyeuristic audio-visual landscape from the active webcameras from around the world.

These three artists embark on different artistic and musical paths, yet their work explores a similar emotional state. An immense and impressive introspection will be evoked by each in a smooth and encompassing audiovisual space.

Artists Biographies

Tim Hecker (Kranky / Alien8) is a Canadian-based musician and sound artist, born in Vancouver. Since 1996, he has produced a range of audio works for both international and Canadian recording imprints such as Mille Plateaux, Alien8, Force Inc, Staalplaat, and Fat Cat. Tim has presented his work extensively including performances at Sonar (Barcelona), MUTEK (Montréa l), Impakt Festival (Utrecht), Victoriaville in (Quebec), IDEAL (Nantes), Vancouver New Music Festival (Vancouver), and Transmediale (Berlin). Harmony in Ultraviolet is Tim Hecker's sixth album. It is a continuation of his interest in spectral communications, impressionist musics and the limits of digital composition.

Eric Chenaux (Constellation / Rat-drifting) has been a creative force in Toronto un derground music for fifteen years. He played guitar and sang in Phleg Camp and LifeLikeWeeds through the early 1990s, released his first solo record in 1996, and has recorded and performed tirelessly in Toronto for the last decade, both solo and with the likes of Michelle Mcadorey, Martin Arnold and Sandro Perri. He co-founded the Rat Drifting label with Arnold in 2000 and has played on several of the label's releases, with groups like The Reveries, The Draperies, and Drumheller.

Gennaro de Pasquale was born in Bisceglie, Italy, in 1969. He lives and works in Montréal. He completed his Fine Arts studies in France. He has participated in many individual and collective exhibitions, notably Post-Audio Esthetic (Clark Gallery, Montréal, 2000), of which he was the initiator, curator and coordinator. He has shown several exhibitions in Europe, Canada, Asia, the United States and Brazil. In 2004, two of his works were shown at the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec (Quebec City), as part of the group exhibition ils causent des systèmes (curated by Anne-Marie Ninacs) which included his sound art work OK Computer. In 2004, he conceived and directed the net art project Post-Audio NetLab, produced by Agence Topo.


Tim Hecker
Eric Chenaux
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