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The Philosopher Cube


Anthony Scavarelli

Rideau Centre (Outdoor projection)
At the corner of Nicholas Street and Daly Avenue
November 4th to 7th

The Philosopher Cube is a clever floating computer. It hovers just outside the Arts Court looking for information on our most essential questions of life. Passers-by can send answers to these questions via Twitter. The Philosopher Cube displays the submitted answers, but with each response the answers begin to meld and mix because answers are never straight forward for the cube.

Tweet your answer to the questions asked using @EFCube or text 21212 and follow the instructions to use Twitter via SMS text.

Anthony Scavarelli is a 4th year student at Ottawa’s Carleton University and Algonquin College studying Interactive Multimedia and Design. He is interested in provoking an emotional response through the use of interactive mediums, particularly those which share a live setting with participants that can willingly, or unwillingly, add to the experience.  The Philosopher Cube is an original project developed through a collaboration between Artengine and the Algonquin College School of Media and Design.