Electric Fields 2011

Electric Fields 2011

Swim Sound

presented in collaboration with online journal Vague Terrain

Friday, 25 November 2011
Doors 9:30, performance 10:00PM
Sold out!

2nd Show added
Doors 10:45pm, performance 10:00PM, Tickets $10

Champagne Bath
321 King Edward Ave., Ottawa MAP

Bring your swim suit to this one-of-a-kind sound performance at Ottawa's first municipal swimming pool. Responding to the unique sound properties of the pool, with it's echoing tiled surfaces and potential for underwater phonics, Jesse Stewart and new media artist Rob Cruickshank will flood the space with percussive and electronic sounds until you are swimming in sound. Their audible landscape will span from haunting electronic sine waves to irregular jazz rhythms and will feature a drum kit staged on a platform in the pool, a watergong, hydrophones and a custom built synthesiser.

Tickets are limited, so get in quick.

Swim Sound in the media:

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Electric Fields 2011

The Electric Fields festival focuses on the relationship between sound and space. We have commissioned a number of artists to develop projects that engage with specific spaces around the city: a public pool; a basilica church; civil service buildings; iconic national architecture. Electric Fields will use your ears to redefine your perception of the spaces around you.

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