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Originally appeared in Vague Terrain 07: Sample Culture


“AEXEX” is a textural work informed by the details and aesthetics from particular strains of deconstructivism, semiotics, computer error, and deep audio.

note: headphones and/or speaker setup recommended.

All graphics were generated via 3d software. “Sampling” in this brand of work is (among other phases in the production process) paralleled by the editing process: “rendering” - or in this case, “generating” - footage (or sequences), and cutting the images together to create the envisioned end product. Audio-wise, the sound consists of digital sounds created via software, then manipulated through multiple passes.

In consideration of the governing theme of this issue, I have intentionally built, recorded, and generated all my work digitally and have processed it to effect. Consequently, because all work was created from scratch, there are, in the established sense of the word, no traces of sampling. On the other hand, this work falls under the clauses stipulated in the Creative Commons license. As outlined in the license, anyone is free to remix this work. Hence, because the work is made freely available (yet, according to the license, not entirely public domain), I have left the remixing possibilities to the potential artists and individual everyones who may intellectually benefit from the work.

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