Project Team: Anna Eyler, Renaud Jobin-Delaquis, Laurie Bouchard, Nicolas Lapointe, Samantha Bite and Pierre Richardson
Produced in collaboration with Ryan Stec, Artistic Director
Technical Support from Dennis Stec
Funded by the city of Ottawa

Creating Music While Racing

SoundTrack was created out of a 6 month program curated by Art Engine for emerging artists and designers culminating in a feature presentation at the 2015 Maker Faire in Ottawa. Six team members with various backgrounds were chosen to collaborate and design a submission for the fair. The intention set out from this project was to provide young artist with the skills to move forward in their career. These included visual computing (cnc and 3D printing), as well as project management, collaboration and budgeting. 4 team members came from a fine art background and two from and environmental design and architecture background. The 6 months period included workshops, ideas + presentations, collaboration and finally the construction of the project.