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Exposition Komi Seshie | Êtes-vous prêt pour le voyage ? Je suis prêt pour le voyage.

September 8 to October 10, 2023, the Centre d’artistes Voix Visuelle will host the exhibition Are you ready for the trip? I am ready for the trip. by Komi Seshie.

The opening of the exhibit is scheduled for Thursday, September 14, 2023, at 5 p.m.

Hundreds of thousands of human beings deploy incredible strength every day to brave dangerous, upsetting, and catastrophic situations. In search of refuge, those who manage to do so find themselves between two worlds: that of their country of origin, their loved ones, their identity, and their mother tongue; that of the host land which offers the possibility of being able to recreate oneself in order to take on one's true part of humanity.

In his artistic approach, the artist pursues a reflection from different media sources that address socio-economic and geopolitical issues as well as issues relating to the environment. In addition to a short experimental video, he shares with us here an album of photos from his last trips to Ireland, Africa, and Nunavik (Quebec). Two styles of images make up the exhibit: some are vivid and clear, featuring people dressed in bright, colorful colors waiting for a train or bus, while others are blurry, like if they were caught from a moving train.

Born in the Gulf of Guinea region, Komi Seshie, is a self-taught artist in visual art and multimedia. He is also a sculptor. From 1995 to 1999, he studied woodworking and graduated in carpentry and cabinetmaking. He arrived in Canada in 2010 and quickly became involved with the arts community of the National Capital. He has been a representative of BRAVO-Est since 2013. His work has been seen in several exhibitions in the region, including at the Art-Image gallery (Maison de la culture in Gatineau) and at the TRINITY Art Gallery (Shenkman Center) in Ottawa. He has also participated thrice in the ARé Performing arts Festival, Yerevan, Armenia. His works have been selected three times to be added in the City of Ottawa Art Collection.

Located at 67 Beechwood Avenue (2nd floor), in Vanier, the Centre d’artistes Voix Visuelle is open from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., Tuesday to Saturday.


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