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Wall Space Gallery September Exhibitions - Joy Kardish | Years Reimagined & Ava Margueritte | Heaven must be light

Wall Space Gallery September Exhibitions

Joy Kardish | Years Reimagined
Ava Margueritte | Heaven must be light

September 9 – 30
Artist Reception September 9, 5-8 pm
Artist Talk September 29, 5-6 pm

Wall Space gallery is proud to present Years Reimagined, the latest body of photographic works of Ottawa-based artist Joy Kardish, and Ava Margueritte's debut solo exhibition Heaven must be light.

Merging the worlds of historic photographic practices with contemporary technologies, Kardish captures the quiet way that memories transform as they grow with us, informing our sense of self and healing. Reanimating objects and moments from her own life to reimagine her childhood of abuse, Kardish explores the powerful pull of sentiment embedded in our environment; in both the items we choose to house our memories and the places that our life paths lead us.

Within this body of photographic landscape and figurative works, Margueritte maps the resurfacing of grace, beauty, and vulnerability within herself as a testament to self-acceptance. She confronts us with the powerful effect that place has on our inner equilibrium. As a result, the world that Margueritte creates for us through subtle and striking plays of light is bathed in the sensorial, and a true sense of seeing the world through the eyes of another.

Joy Kardish has studied photography at SPAO and numerous workshops and educational courses. Inspired by the enduring prints of early masters like Alfred Stieglitz, Kardish blends painstaking historic photography techniques such as cyanotype, with contemporary media to create works that seem to transcend the flow of time and cut through its ephemeral distractions.

Ava Margueritte is a neurodiverse multi-disciplinary artist, primarily focused on photo-based works and drawing, painting, and writing. Through medium-format, large-format, and digital photography, Margueritte explores different narratives to document physical reactions to other emotional states. By absorbing her surroundings, she evaluates the connection between body and mind.

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