Calls for Submission

Call for submissions â€" Coproduction residency

Coproduction residency in infiltration-based art
For practices that are participatory, contextual, in situ,
in socius, performative, installation-based, multidisciplinary, procedural, interdisciplinary, etc.

DEADLINE : July 3, 2023
RESIDENCY PERIOD : throughout 2024-2026

This call is for artists who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada. In a spirit of inclusion and solidarity, 3e impérial, centre d’essai en art actuel, invites proposals by artists from historically underrepresented cultures and identities.

Our staff is available to offer support or to answer any questions you may have about our call for submissions. Contact us! info@3e-imperial.org

3e impérial, centre d’essai en art actuel, invites artists to submit a residency project as part of its exploration cycle Mending our living environment.

We are seeking proposals that will provide a new experience of everyday life and contribute to reviving our proximity to others within the context of current world events. Infiltration-based art proposals that explore the lands we inhabit, territories that inhabit and shape us, and that inflect our hospitality with all of the ambiguities they may hold. How can we demonstrate our individual and collective will and commitment to building a viable and joyful world for future generations? What actions can we take to repair our relations and reconnect with others? How can we act together, come forward, reveal ourselves, and mend our living environment?

Selected artists will be invited to meet with the 3e impérial team to conduct a preliminary exploratory visit. Here, they will familiarize themselves with the realities and potential of the social and geographic contexts of where their project will unfold. Following this, they will confirm or, if necessary, make changes to their project before developing a production/presentation plan and establish a residency schedule.

Before submitting a proposal, we invite artists to refer to the proposed themes and the residency program’s terms and conditions.

To learn about previously selected projects.

Founded in 1984, 3e impérial, centre d’essai en art actuel, promotes an interdisciplinary and contextual approach to contemporary visual art practice that is founded on the proximity and everyday life of communities. Its activities—creation, exploration, production, presentation, critical thinking and writing, publishing, public forums, residencies for artists/writers/researchers—are based on collaboration and the confluence of various forms of knowledge and experience. These are used to support, document, deepen, and implement public art practices that are infused and engaged with the specificities of the land and its inhabitants, while creating links between artistic practice, public space, and social engagement.