Calls for Submission

Call to artists

Art shows are finally back at The Hintonburg Public House & we are putting together a group show showcasing 50 Years of Hip Hop this summer.
We have portrait painters lined up already so are looking specifically for original photographs from shows or in the streets spanning the 50 years; a mix of paintings, photographs, mixed media of renditions of album covers, gig posters, gear used to create the music, as well as spin-off activities or cultural references that hip hop has influenced(ie breakdancing, graffiti art, clothing styles & accessories). The possibilities are endless!

To take part, send us a few examples of your work & an idea of what you plan to create for the show to & we will get back to you with the full details if it will work for the show.
We do have limited space so may not be able to showcase everyone's ideas. Completed artwork deadline is Monday, June 19 (an earlier date could be an option if that day does not work for you). So think outside the box & have some fun with us celebrating 50 years of talent & inspiration!