Electric Fields
Electronic music and media arts festival
November 13th to the 23rd, 2008

Dark Disco
Electronic Evangelicals Afterparty
(The Promoter Series)

Jas Nasty
Mr. Bump
MC Jill Foster
Special Guest VJ Nokami

Club SAW, 67 Nicholas Street
Friday, November 14th
9 PM

To bring you some of the city’s most interesting, dark and sweaty dance events Electric Fields has created The Promoter Series highlighting some of the region’s hardest working DJs. These creative promoters often work outside the typical bar system to discover new spaces and create new atmosphere’s, all the while bringing you some of the best rhythms the city’s ears have heard.

DJ, promoters and producers extraordinaire Jokers of the Scene (JOTS) have brought a beautiful mix of quality and cool to Ottawa’s electronic music landscape. With a relentless international touring schedule they are difficult beasts to pin down. Thankfully, we have the internet and so for free, during the festival, will house an exclusive JOTS mix. Go and check it out!

All parties (except Thunderheist) located at Club SAW, 67 Nicholas Street.
Doors will open at 9 PM and admission is $5.

Check out the Jokers of the Scene exclusive mix for the Electric Fields festival available only during the festival. Check it out!


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Festival Passes

Festival Passes are $15.

Electric Fields passes are valid for all events excluding Thunderheist.

Festival Highlights

Thursday, November 13th

Festival launch
Vernisage: Sophie Bélair Clément Web Launch: Cheryl L'Hirondelle

Friday, November 14th

Electronic Evangelicals
Big screens and big sound in a big church. Audio-visual fantastic!
Saint Brigid's Centre for the arts and humanities

Tickets are available online in advance for $7 or $10 at the door.
Tickets are available in person at Canteen, 238 Dalhousie,

Saturday, November 15th

Artist Talk: Danny Perreault and Thomas Ouellet Frederick (Tvestroy)
Join these artists for an in detailed demo of the complex experimental electronic work. DAÏMÕN

Sunday, November 16th

Technology vs Democracy Debate hosted by Steven Loft
Library and Archives of Canada

Tron Screening
Library and Archives of Canada

Monday, November 17th

Vernisage: Reverse Engineered
Alexandre Castonguay and Mathieu Bouchard
Carleton University Art Gallery

Wednesday, November 19th

Screening: Video Music
New works of visual music.
The Ottawa Art Gallery

Saturday, November 22nd

Closing Party
Acadian and Aboriginal Hip Hop Night
Club SAW