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New exhibition entitled “Inversions” is now open at the ATRIUM ART GALLERY (BEN FRANKLIN PLACE, 101 CENTREPOINTE DRIVE, NEPEAN, ON) from SEPTEMBER 28-NOVEMBER 3 2022
Opening reception Thursday, October 13, 6 pm to 8 pm.
All welcome

“Inversions” is an exhibition of new large-scale drawings and relief prints by Adrian Gor that focus on the notion of truth from a contemporary postmodern perspective. The title refers to a world in which truth and illusion, history and the present became interchangeable, incorporating key Western thinkers and Eastern European iconographic techniques of art making.

Artist website: www.adriangor.com

Gallery website: http://ottawa.ca/en/arts-heritage-and-events/art-centres-galleries-and-exhibition-spaces/galleries-and-exhibition-spaces/atrium-art-gallery#section-eab135ac-81de-40e0-b9ad-ab9554817aa0

Special thanks to the City of Ottawa for the support.


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