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Mississippi Mills Art Romp 2022 return

Mississippi Mills Art Romp 2022 returns on Thanksgiving weekend

The Mississippi Mills Art Romp is back again this Thanksgiving Saturday and Sunday, October 8 and 9 from 10am – 4pm daily. Over 50 artists and artisans from the Crown and Pumpkin and Maple Run tours will offer an extensive range of art, craft, design and fine food and beverages, all set in the glory of our beautiful fall season. Whether you are looking for a scenic drive to interesting places, a special gift, a personal treasure, or a taste experience, this event truly offers something for everyone.

The thirteen stops throughout the Almonte, Clayton and Pakenham areas have been carefully curated to present an enticing variety of artistic and taste expressions.

A final tip for art romping: do consider bringing cash or cheques. Cell phone and internet access can be tricky in the rural stops in our beautiful area.

Check Facebook for posts by both tours and our new Facebook and Instagram pages at Mississippi Mills Art Romp. Please LIKE and visit our pages and web sites for more information.


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