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"Recombinant Abstractions" exhibition

Suzan Mandla, Photographer
"Recombinant Abstractions" exhibition
From November 4 to December 7, 2022
OPENING: Tuesday, November 8, 6-8 PM

Atrium Art Gallery
Ben Franklin Place
101 Centrepointe Drive
Ottawa ON K2G 5K7

For more information on hours and directions, please follow the link: http://ottawa.ca/en/arts-heritage-and-events/art-centres-galleries-and-exhibition-spaces/galleries-and-exhibition-spaces/atrium-art-gallery#section-a5a5e74e-8ae8-409a-9f8e-4359b4bb4bdc

Free admission. Free parking.

About the exhibition: As a research biologist, experimentation was an integral part of my daily work life. As an artist, experimentation remains key to my practice. Over time, this approach yields patterns that eventually evolve into new directions for my work. In this series, Recombinant Abstractions, I reference past recombinant DNA experiments while a molecular biologist by re-engineering various subjects using a combination of in camera techniques and layers of digital manipulation. Through this process, I transform ordinary, every day subjects into intriguing and unrecognizable versions of themselves. The resulting images are recombinant abstract integrations of colour, pattern and movement distilled from the original subject, and fully open to interpretation and the viewer's imagination.

About the artist: Suzan Mandla grew up in Montreal and presently lives in Ottawa. A former research biologist, she now channels her natural curiosity and eye for detail into photography, her lifelong passion. Suzan's work has been selected for a number of juried group exhibitions in Canada, the USA and Europe, as well as two solo shows in Ottawa.


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